Bubbify is a mobile application by Devin Mancuso and Ben Longstaff. Designed to be a frictionless tool for finding trusted information that is both relevant and tailored to each parent's specific situation, Bubbify's search Q&A engine allows parents to search for common parenting answers using everyday language. What seperates Bubbify from other parenting apps is it's personalisation engine which allows it to deliver extremely timely, relevant and context sensitive information directly to parents. The bubbify prototype won the SA Government's D3 Competition in 2015, being awarded a $10,000 development grant.

Personal Project

User research
Requirements gathering
Prototype development

UI Creative design
HTML prototyping
Investment pitch materials
Brand identity
Business model strategy




The Bubbify application design is a result of many interviews and discussions with mothers and fathers about how they search for parenting information, the technologies they use to assist them with parenting and the challlenges they face as a new parent.

Our research found that parents...

Are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of parenting information available to them.

Desire access to relevant, accurate, personalised and trusted parenting advice and information on a range of their own personal devices.

Most of the time display a preference for content from Australian government sources as it is seen as trusted.

Don't mind giving data about themselves and their baby to personalisation features as long as they are getting value in return.



Bubbify's personalisation engine learns about the parent and baby the more the user engages with the app's features. We determined that Bubbify would need a minimal core set of information about the baby in order to provide intutitive features upon first use. I designed a simple and friendly onboarding quiz to capture only the necessary information from parents. I included cute illustrations and fun language to ensure this flow didn't become a drop off point for first time users of the app.



Bubbify includes a dynamic feed of content, updates and alerts that are all personalised to the parent and baby. Examples of content include posts by relevant bloggers, recently published research articles, reminders when a baby is due for an upcoming vaccination, content articles relevant to the babies current age and development milestone.

By cutting down the enormous volumes of content and presenting parents with only relevant, personalised content , we can improve the effectiveness of health communication and increase their confidence in Bubbify and any government content included within it.


Parent's feel stressed and anxious when they don't know the correct medical terms to search for information. On the backend we use Natural Language Processing techniques to ensure parents can search and find matches using everyday language. 

When a clear match can't be identified we ask parent's simple yes/no style questions to refine their query in order to provide a match. If the query results in a critical outcome, we direct them to call the parent helpline or emergency services if required.

Content is presented to the users within info cards. We use repeated iconography and medical illustrations to ensure content is understandable by users with varying literacy levels. Info cards also include tap to call buttons for key parenting help phone hotlines making it even easier for parents to reach out for assistance.



Parents are able to receive contextually relevant push notification alerts. For example if a user is located in an area where the predicted temperature for that day is greater than 40 degrees celsius then the user will receive a push notification containing information about caring for babies in extreme hot weather conditions.